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Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being A Lawyer Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being A Lawyer

Bronze medal Reporter Names Posted 19 Jul 2020
Benefits And Drawbacks Of Being A Lawyer

The question that goes through every hesitant mind when planning to take up the study of law is :    

  • What are the benefits of being a lawyer?
  •  What are the drawbacks?

The mind would be posed with many such questions.

Benefits Of Being A Lawyer

  • Career opportunities are broad – It is not that taking up law course restricts you in that one area of the field of law itself instead it provides you with a broad choice of options to choose from. Also, you can select whichever sector you prefer to enter into either the public sector or the private sector. As per your preference, you can specialize in that particular area of law and focus on the area of your liking.
  • Brain-tackling challenges – You might like a career which challenges your intellectuality on an everyday basis which can also prove to be an exciting career to you. Then, this field offers you with those challenges every day where you need to work on feasible solutions, analyse and scrutinize the details of the case carefully; develop strategies, resolve problems of your clients and so on.
  • If debating is your choice, you have it – The field of law offers you even that option in case you like to debate and establish your point. That would be the career of trial lawyers who argue and try to prove their point in the courtroom and this is would occur frequently when dealing with a case.
  • Have own firm – Having own firm, working in the private sector, being a junior lawyer, working in companies are options for a  law graduate. Having one’s own law firm is a good idea too where you need not work under another lawyer and can grow your firm from scratch with hard work and determination.   
  • Good income- First few years after graduating law course can be a struggle but then after that, you tend to earn a good amount. This financial reward does increase according to your years of experience, expertise. Many a time, one case can transform your career into a successful and sought after lawyer. So dedication and commitment to work when dealing with each of your cases and the finest of details of your case can reap fruits of your labour.
  • These skills are useful for other careers too – The skills you learn knowledge acquired in this course and career as a lawyer are useful in other career choices such as being a legal consultant, legal blogger, administration, in the field of banking and technology and so on.

Drawbacks Of Being A Lawyer                                                                          

  • Educational expense – The expense incurred in the law course especially when it comes to known law school can be costly. Later, after graduating from the course, the initial few years may be financially cringing and thereafter, you are likely to get a good one. What withdraws a graduate is those initial few years of struggle.
  • Stretch extra working hours – You will not have a fixed work timing every day. It depends on each case. For certain cases, you may need to stretch extra-long working hours which can be strenuous. Each case will be different and has to be tackled differently so developing strategies to do that can take more hours of your sleep as you need to meet the expectations of your clients.
  • Stress is involved – Stress and strain is part and parcel of it. It is another side of the whole matter that the end result of winning a case can bring you rewards. But the hard part is the preparation of the case and stressing to meet the deadlines. It can be equally difficult if your client is demanding which can add up to your stress.
  • Different types of clients to be dealt with – As a lawyer, you would be meeting different types of clients. You do not have the option of choosing your client. You clients can be demanding, high expectations, arrogant, may not be tolerant and so on. Working on their cases can be equally stressful especially when it is their first case and the result would decide if they would be your regular and loyal client. All these can really strain a lawyer.


Any profession or career can have its advantages as well as disadvantages.

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