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Bureaucrats Are Doing Dirty Politics...Do You Agree? Bureaucrats Are Doing Dirty Politics...Do You Agree?

Bronze medal Reporter JEEVAGAN ADVOCATE Posted 24 Jul 2020
Bureaucrats Are Doing Dirty Politics...Do You Agree?

Bureaucrats are doing dirty politics... 

Bureaucrats themselves are doing dirty politics of dividing people to stimulate fire of ego between two or more groups and suppress those who can raise voice against public servants who abuse their powers by openly supporting the wrongdoers. 

The bureaucrats have made a situation where the common man is convinced that “Law is only above those who obey it and not those who defy it”. This is the main cause of brain drain in many countries. The experts in various fields who cannot survive this kind of situation are constrained to leave the country. The common man cannot easily fight with the bureaucrats who do wrongs for unlawful personal gain but can approach even the apex court of the country with the taxpayers’ money.

The police station has become a place of refuge for the offenders and wrongdoers. The victims are being called by the police without any summons or notice and are ill-treated by the offenders themselves in front of the police personnel themselves, notwithstanding the working of CC TV in the police station and thus victims are made to feel insecure even in the police station itself so as to force them not to proceed against the bureaucrats.


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